History of Ehsan

About Us

Ehsan Optics started with Ehsan Store that was established in 1966 by Mr. Ehsan Ulla Ali Esfahani (Founder). Under Commercial Registration 986 that traded in electronics and Swiss watches.

Ehsan optics was established in the Kingdom of Bahrain in 1988 as a branch of Ehsan Stores with its first shop in Manama. In 1990 the 2nd branch was opened in Gudaibiya. In 1997 Mr. Naisan Ehsan Ulla Ali Esfahan was appointed as Managing Director.

In 2019, Ehsan Optics launched a new budget concept called Savers and opened it’s fourth outlet in 2021. Today we have several locations all over Bahrain.

From Our humble beginnings till today, the company has grown to be one of the top-rated opticians in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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To deliver the gift of clear sight to as many people as we possibly can, and to  broaden our service here in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Middle East and  become one of the leading companies dealing with various ranges of Sunglasses,  Frames, Prescription Lenses, Contact Lenses, Eye care solutions and accessories.


Because we believe that the human eye is a precious organ that needs to be nurtured with utmost care, Ehsan Optics is dedicated to achieving 100%  customer satisfaction through the provision of quality eye care by fully qualified optometrists and dispensing opticians.